This “Flying sports vehicle” Is Like a giant Drone you could journey In

This “Flying sports vehicle” Is Like a giant Drone you could journey In

This “Flying sports vehicle” Is Like a giant Drone you could journey In

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The founding member of an award-successful hip-hop dance troupe hangs up his sneakers to engineer a flying activities car. tale as ancient as time, right?

Yeah, now not exactly. but it surely’s the route former dancer Kyxz Mendiola has carved out for himself.

Six years in the past, Mendiola decided he became ill of dealing with traffic, so he did what anybody in the same situation would: all started digging tunnels building a flying motor vehicle.

He calls the craft, which looks lots like an enormous far off managed drone, the “Koncepto Millenya.” On Sunday he took it out for its first public verify flight within the Philippine province of Batangas. It lasted about 10 minutes.

“It was excellent,” the Filipino inventor informed Reuters. “the entire challenging work paid off. everything worked ideal.”


Koncepto Milenya seats just one grownup weighing up to 100 kilograms 220 kilos. Its six lithium-ion batteries vigour 16 rotary motors, which enable the craft to attain a height of 6.1 meters 20 toes and a true pace of 60 kph 37 mph.

in accordance with Mendiola, who co-situated the Philippine All Stars hip-hop dance group in 2005, flying the craft is stunning essential.

“Press a button and it’ll go up, then push the stick ahead, it goes forward,” he instructed Reuters. “It’s very incandescent, that’s why I’m saying it has a lot of skills.”

MASS creation

Mendiola is working with Australian company Star8 to additional develop the car, with the intention of mass producing it. Star8’s CEO instructed Reuters he wants to market the flying activities car in Australia, Europe, and Hong Kong.

No be aware on when Koncepto Milenya may come to the U.S., so traffic-averse americans will simply must hope Elon Musk’s tunneling scheme works out.

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